MK Malkieli
MK Malkieli Hezki Baruch

MK Michael Malkieli of Shas is travelling from place to place to convince as many voters as possible to leave the house on election day - in exactly a week.

Malkieli participated in the opening of the third floor on Tuesday in Ramot Mall in Jerusalem, and told Arutz Sheva about the coming and dramatic week:

"Do we want Meretz and Liberman and Arabs to decide who will be Prime Minister here? Do we want a country that will damage our assets and hurt the welfare state, or do we want a Right-leaning social-government led by Netanyahu with the Shas party that will look after Israeli tradition and the weaker strata."

Blue and White joined Liberman and incited against the haredi public. The more incitement against the haredim, the more seats they receive?

"In Blue and White they made a mistake. Benny Gantz joined the hate discourse. It's amazing how the general from the Hamachaneh army magazine managed to dictate policy to three Chiefs of Staff. Incitement against the haredi public is a very worrying thing that won't lead Israel anywhere."

Is Liberman a Leftist in your eyes?

"Liberman twice overthrew Right-leaning governments in the past six months, and joined Meretz and the Arab parties to overthrow a Right-led government once again. Liberman once again deceived his voters and only yesterday saw we Liberman and Tibi unite on the Cameras Law, and we saw Liberman's surplus agreement with Blue and White. Therefore, the danger is great. Shas must be strengthened alongside Netanyahu to maintain Netanyahu, Israeli tradition, and social policy.

"It's too bad that the leadership of Blue and White - three of them former Chiefs of Staff - don't know how to make real connection and discourse between the different shades in the State of Israel. I suggest they learn how to work for unity and respect for all Israeli citizens."

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