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In the medical profession, it is common to hear personnel talking about the importance of preventing, rather than treating, disease. That is just as true when it comes to homeland security for Israeli civilians, say the professionals. In fact, just last week, an arson attack, this one agricultural, was stopped through the employment of a thermal drone provided by an organization named One Israel Fund.

The many terror incidents prevented, challenging as they are, are often not publicized, nor are those engaged in that prevention usually known to the citizens they protected. It has come to the fore, however, that the One Israel Fund organization took up that challenge over 25 years ago, making it their mission to provide a wide range of humanitarian aid to the communities in Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley and the border communities in the north and south, both religious and secular.

This American organization says it fills the prevention gaps with essential services related to preventive security, medical and social arenas and is justly proud of its work in preventing tragedies.

Director of security projects, Marc Provisor, says that he spends days and nights developing new techniques to protect communities.

"We have donated camera surveillance systems to deter terrorists and supplied civilian security chiefs in Judea and Samaria with more than 300 specially designed armored vests.”

To combat arson attacks, One Israel Fund has raised funds for upgraded fire equipment including fire trailers to reduce destruction from small-to medium-sized fires.

"We have met the need for sophisticated communication system upgrades with new relay stations in Kiryat Arba and Beit El. It will cost approximately $180,000 to install more relay stations across Judea and Samaria but we are determined to succeed so that lives can be saved," Provisor asserts.

Even though preventive security is essential, One Israel Fund recognizes that the lack of proper medical facilities also needs to be addressed to prevent needless suffering. Therefore, under the guidance of Rabbi David Marcus, director general in Israel, One Israel Fund is working in conjunction with the Binyamin Regional Council, the largest regional council in Israel, to build the Binyamin Medical Center. This ultramodern, sophisticated facility will provide general and specialty medical care as well as urgent care for as many as 150,000 people so that people don’t have to trek more than an hour over sometimes treacherous and dangerous roads to receive the care they need.

Scott M. Feltman, executive vice president of One Israel Fund, adds that "adult and children's well-being is also a result of education, recreation and social services.” The organization has helped provide funding for community centers, playgrounds, mikvaot, educational scholarships, special-needs and at-risk schools and pinot chamot hospitality centers so that soldiers can find a place to unwind and relax. Feltman hopes that in the coming year it will be possible to find additional means to combat terror before it strikes, maintain current projects and expand services to even more communities.