Schoolchildren (illustrative)
Schoolchildren (illustrative) iStock

Parents are threatening to force schools across Israel to strike for one hour on Friday morning, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

The protest comes after the Education Ministry used 450 million NIS ($127,719,000) to provide funding for special education, defunding in-school holiday programming, which provided free childcare during Hanukkah and before Passover.

Moving funds from providing free childcare during holiday vacations to ensure special needs children receive the education and care they require is a temporary solution, they claimed.

These programs, dubbed "holiday school" by the Education Ministry, were initiated in 2018. Prior to that, parents found their own solutions for the holidays, including babysitters, private camps, and family vacations.

The strike, which will affect educational institutions from preschool to high school, will take place between 8-9:00 on Friday morning.