In Stockholm
In StockholmCredit: World Bnei Akiva

Israeli emissaries on behalf of the World Bnei Akiva Movement, the Jewish Agency and the Ben-Ami program of the World Zionist Organization cast their votes for the 22nd Knesset in far-flung locations around the world on Sunday.

Some drove for miles and even traveled by plane to exercise their right to vote.

Yiska and Motti Goodman, Bnei Akiva's emissaries in Melbourne, Australia, traveled hundreds of miles each way with their three children to vote at the voting station in Sydney. To our question of "How did you manage with the kids on this trip?" they answered that of course there were many stops along the way and many questions such as "Dad, are we there yet," but "it was worth it in order to vote!"

Elisheva and Yonatan Vogel, emissaries in New Zealand, flew specially from Auckland to Wellington to get to their voting station. David and Sarah Saeed of Argentina also voted at a voting station miles away from their home in St. Paulo, while Galit Weizman and Aviv Felsen, who are doing their National Service in the Jewish community in Bologna, France and recently turned 18, voted together for the first time in their lives - in Paris.