Movilot at President's Residence
Movilot at President's ResidenceMark Neiman, GPO

President Reuven Rivlin today, Sunday, met representatives of the Movilot organization, which promotes quality employment for haredi women in Israel. Michal Lev, program director of Movilot and Ilan Gal- Dor, CEO of Gesher which operates the program, also spoke at the meeting.

Movilot is an employment program for haredi women operated by Gesher and the Kemach Foundation. The aim of the program is to promote quality employment for haredi women in Israel. The participants in the program receive training and job-related tools and skills, enabling them to integrate their abilities and education into the workplace. They also meet with senior women managers who serve as mentors, accompanying them over the year of the program. This is a rare opportunity for women from different parts of Israeli society to get to know each other better. Movilot currently has 138 participants and graduates and 89 mentors.

At the beginning of his remarks, the president stressed that haredim are no longer a minority, but an integral part of the Israeli society, adding, "We are all one society, we are all one country. I am proud to meet you because of your ability to participate in the economic life of Israel, while each of you maintains your uniqueness, your way of life and your faith.”

Ilan Gal-Dor, CEO of Gesher: "I join the president's call on employers to open doors to haredi women and men, whose integration in to the workforce will advance both the haredi community and Israeli society as a whole. Gesher and Movilot will continue to promote ‘social accessibility’ and lead the revolution in the field of quality employment.”