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ambulance, archive Eitan Shweiber/TPS

An Arab dentist intervened to rescue two Jewish patients who were attacked by a terrorist near the Palestinian Authority town of Azzun, east of Qalqilya, Saturday.

Dr. Amin noticed the attack through the clinic window, rushed downstairs, pushed off the perpetrator, and rescued them.

"They are now in your hospital in Israel, I don't know which one," he said in a interview with Hadashot. "They were at my clinic. They were my patients. They were stabbed and wounded at my clinic."

Yosef Peretz, the father who was stabbed, told reporters that the teenage terrorist stabbed him and his son multiple times. "He asked if we were Jews or Arabs. We answered that we were Jews...then all of a sudden I look and see that he has this pocket knife."

Peretz said that he had visited his dentist many times without incident. "I've been coming to this doctor for a year and everything was fine. I never thought about it."

He said that both he and his son had attempted to fight off the terrorist, but were unsuccessful until the dentist came to assist them.

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