LibermanFlash 90

In an interview with "Meet the Press" with Rina Matzliach, Yisrael Beytenu chairman Avigdor Liberman said: "[Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu is the one who transferred the entire city of Hevron to [archterrorist Yasser] Arafat, who voted for the deportation of Jews from Gush Katif and blocked the death penalty law for terrorists. It's the same Netanyahu who pays protection money to a terrorist organization. No one knows what connection he actually has to the right."

"It is impossible to function with 61 seats," added Liberman. "In my estimation, the future of Blue and White is that they'll split up following the elections. I don't know what [Blue and White chairman Benny] Gantz is saying today. A few months ago he said he was open to working with the haredim and then recently he said [he'll establish] only a secular government."

However, Liberman stressed that if Netanyahu declares a unity government "without haredim, without [Yamina leaders Transportation Minister Bezalel] Smotrich and [Rabbi] Rafi Peretz, there is no reason why I wouldn't recommend it. The question of who will be prime minister is of far less interest to me than which type of government will be established, if it will be a national-unity government without haredim, without messianics, without the Joint Arab List, without Meretz. That is what's needed."

"I'm not worried," Liberman added. "The public knows how to distinguish between the real thing and the imitation. The real decision in this election is not Gantz or Bibi, it's between Yisrael Beytenu or Smotrich and Rafi Peretz and Aryeh Deri and Litzman."

During the interview, Liberman addressed the camera law, "For Netanyahu, cameras are like buses with the Arabs streaming to the polls, so he apologized again. This is just a gimmick to spur his activists. He finally found the enemy. I support the cameras for the haredim as well, for everyone. But we must also pass the mandatory voting law. It's a day off and people don't come to vote. We submitted a bill - the Likud together with the haredim were the ones who blocked it."

"We received information from the Likud immigrant headquarters that there are instructions in places where Yisrael Beytenu is strong to increase the staff and engage in brutal violence - create brawls, create chaos, create a situation which will disqualify the votes, create controversy," Liberman claimed.

The Likud responded by stating: "Liberman's words are a complete falsehood. No one in the Likud engages in or will engage in violence. There are no such instructions. Liberman is lying because he's under pressure and understands that he is going to lose."