Yair Netanyahu
Yair Netanyahuצילום: Flash 90

Yair Netanyahu caused a storm on Saturday night by posting a tweet attacking the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

"Rabin broke the law by lecturing in America while still a public servant, earning a fortune," Yair wrote on Twitter. "When they brought it against him, he blamed the case on his wife and closed the case in a pleasant conversation in his living room with Aharon Barak. Rabin murdered Holocaust survivors on the Altalena. Rabin brought Arafat and tens of thousands of terrorists from Tunis and caused the deaths of 2,000 Israelis."

The Labor-Gesher party responded to the tweet by stating: "MK Amir Peretz instructed the party's legal advisers to prepare a libel suit against Yair Netanyahu following comments he wrote in his Twitter account against Yitzhak Rabin."

"As the one responsible for Rabin's legacy and as a successor to his path, I won't allow the slander and tarnishing of the path of an Israeli hero in war and peace," Peretz wrote on Twitter. "I'll fight for his path and I won't allow the sick ideas of sick people to revise history and harm the reputation of the party and my name."