Mike Evans and Mario Bucaro
Mike Evans and Mario BucaroHezki Baruch

The Guatemala embassy in Israel celebrated Guatemala’s 198th Independence Day on Wednesday night at the Friends of Zion Museum, on the embassy’s first anniversary in Jerusalem.

The event was attended by US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, Guatemalan Ambassador to Israel Mario Bucaro, Minister of Justice Amir Ohana, and the Mayor of Jerusalem Moshe Lion. The event was also attended by several Central and Latin American Ambassadors to Israel as well as many other dignitaries and influential guests.

Dr. Mike Evans, the founder and Chairman of the Friends of Zion Museum and member of the Trump Evangelical Advisory, traveled to Guatemala City, Guatemala before President Jimmy Morales had announced Guatemala’s recognition of Jerusalem and their intention to move its embassy. Evans presented President Morales with the “Friends of Zion Award," the Museum’s highest honor.

In his speech, Dr. Mike Evans praised both Prime Minister Netanyahu and Sara Netanyahu, noting that “their impact on Guatemala’s decision to recognize Jerusalem and move their embassy has to do with the Prime Minister’s ‘trust factor,' which also encourage other nations like Honduras to recognize Jerusalem.”

One week ago, the Friends of Zion Museum bestowed the “Friends of Zion Award” unto President Juan Orlando Hernandez of Honduras, who had officially declared their recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, in addition to opening a ‘commercial office’ in Jerusalem. FOZ hosted a celebratory reception for the President and his delegation.

The Friends of Zion Heritage Center has over 65 million members around the globe, making it one of the largest Pro-Israel social media pages in the world.

The Friends of Zion Museum is launching a $100 million project and is building an educational center, a think tank, a communications center and an online university. The late Shimon Peres, Israel’s 9th President and 8th Prime Minister, was the first International Chairman of the Friends of Zion Heritage Center.