Rabbi Hillel Horowitz
Rabbi Hillel HorowitzEliran Aharon

Rabbi Hillel Horowitz, the incoming head of the Hevron Local Council, said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s visit to Hevron is very significant.

"We very much expected the Prime Minister to come to Hevron, because his arrival in Hevron and the arrival of the Israeli government is a very strong statement to the people of Israel and the entire world - that the government is connected and committed to Hevron," Rabbi Horowitz told Arutz Sheva.

"We are very pleased that Netanyahu came to visit. I think his speech and the visit itself give us a great deal of strength. I think the people of Israel who hear about his visit - understand the deep connection of the Jewish people to the city of the ancestors and to its roots. Bringing a Prime Minister to Hevron is a very complex operation that you cannot even imagine from a political and security standpoint. The Prime Minister did not give up and came to the city, knowing that his arrival was a statement."

Rabbi Horowitz pointed out that even if Netanyahu did not bring with him news regarding construction, the very expression of commitment helps. "There is an expression of a great deal of sympathy and appreciation for our enterprise here, and it affects the various government ministries. When they hear that the Prime Minister is connected to this place, it gives tremendous strengths and opens up other opportunities.”

"We are very excited about this day and are not disappointed in anything. We thank God for the privilege of having all the heads of state come to Hevron on the same day - the Speaker of the Knesset, the President, the Prime Minister, Ministers and dozens of Knesset members. All of them came to make a clear statement - we are here forever. That's a huge thing. It's a holiday and joyous day. This day gives us great strengths," he added.

On the requests of the residents of Hevron regarding access to the Cave of the Patriarchs and building permits in the Hevron market complex, Rabbi Horowitz said, "Of course we expect to see practical results and, with the help of God, those will also come."

"We obviously want building permits, budgets, development of roads. We have a lot of challenges. We have to work for that. When the heads of state arrive, the door opens. We would like to hear clear things and make sure they happen. The Prime Minister has signaled in a very clear way - we are committed to Hevron, we will develop Hevron and it will remain ours forever. These are very clear and emphatic statements. Now we have to work hard and see that we are able to bring things to fruition,” he concluded.