Jewish pilgrims in Uman
Jewish pilgrims in UmanYaakov Naumi/Flash90

Professor Sigal Sadetsky, head of public health services at the Ministry of Health, on Wednesday issued a call to those traveling to Uman to be vaccinated against measles due to its outbreak in Ukraine.

Tens of thousands are expected to make the annual pilgrimage to the gravesite of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov this year for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year.

"It is recommended for those born in 1957 onwards to be immunized with two measles vaccine doses. In addition, for 6-11-month-olds traveling abroad, one dose of measles vaccine is recommended," Sadetsky wrote in her letter.

She added that "since March 2018, we have witnessed the outbreak of the measles in Israel. The most effective and safe means of preventing measles and its complications is getting a vaccine. Adhering to this recommendation will prevent infection with measles during travel abroad, and infecting others during the flight or after returning to Israel."

Sadetsky noted that the Ministry of Health will vaccinate travelers who have not previously been vaccinated, or were vaccinated with only a single dose against measles, at health bureaus across the country.

At this time, travelers to Uman will be able to reach the health bureaus to receive the vaccine without prior scheduling and with payment.