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Stav, in a book written a few years ago about the social justice camp, it says that in one of the demonstrations, you told the organizers that with the Israeli flag on stage you were prepared to live, but the anthem Hatikva you would not agree to sing.

A few weeks ago, after an Arab boy stabbed his brother against the background of gender orientation and you blamed the rabbis for it, and in general, since your election campaign began, your strategy has been to incite in semi-anti-Semitic fashion against religious Zionism to pick up votes on the Left.

Now look Stav, I personally don't get uptight about you. You keep screaming and I'll keep working. But I can't forgive a slight to the dignity of religious Zionism and in this abominable festival that you've opened with the Democratic Union, where you have an internal competition of who can blaspheme the religious most - I will not remain silent.

Neither you, nor Nitzan Horwitz nor Yair Golan - the man who on Holocaust day in military uniform stood and compared us to the Nazis - will teach us what integrity and love of the Land is.

Understand Stav, when you tell every parlor meeting about how corrupt the settlers are, you may think that people don't remember how easily you entered the party founded by Ehud Barak, without requiring him to explain why he socialized with a convicted sex offender and what was the ingenious research for which he received NIS 10 million (What did he discover there in this study, Stav? Because if it isn't a discovery of the magnitude of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, there's no justification for such an amount).

Understand Stav - the elections are in two more weeks, but life in this country will continue afterwards and I'd like to tell you, as woman-to-woman: You don't have to shout. You don't have to curse. You don't have to incite. I saw recently that you were asked in an interview what you think of Itzik Shmuli and you said "a Knesset Member". The attempt to extract some kind word from you on a partner on the path was unsuccessful. Which is strange. I disagree with Shmuli on worldview but I have no problem recognizing the good things he does.

These are election days Stav and I realize you're under pressure, and I'm not here to educate you (mostly because it's a lost cause), but I'm here to tell you one thing: Take your hands off religious Zionism. Stop inciting against these good people, against the sector from which Emanuel Moreno, Roy Klein, Tamar Ariel, Professor Israel Oman, Miriam Peretz, and more came from. Kchi avir, Stav Shafir - Take some air, Stav Shafir. And relax.

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