Gantz: Abhors 'extortion'
Gantz: Abhors 'extortion'Flash 90

Blue and White Party Chairman MK Benny Gantz promised today that he will not form a government with haredim because he is "against extortion".

"We are against blackmail, we will turn to the Likud to form a government based on the secular majority in Israel," Gantz said in an interview with the Ynet website.

Asked whether there is any chance of sitting with Netanyahu in the same government, Gantz made it clear that "if Netanyahu could be a minister with an indictment then fine, but that is legally impossible and in my estimation he ended his contribution to the State of Israel."

Gantz is in no hurry to propose a premiership rotation with one of the Likud officials because "there will be a clear victory."

“We are not negotiating on this. It will not be a draw - it will be a clear victory. The State of Israel saw what happened to Netanyahu's 'tremendous victory' in the previous round," he claimed.

Gantz referred to scandals linked to Blue and White lately. “Things are going well and what indicates it is the results. Yamina was established, Ehud Barak joined the race, Amir Peretz took Labor. We are stable, progressive, a campaign that travels, parallel and coordinated work by Yair; here and there things come up that distract from the main point. I understand, but we are a party that threatens the ruling party in Israel and rightly so and it is good it is thus."

Speaking about the investigation saga, he said: “They're trying to nitpick with us. It's my responsibility to check the information security; we checked our phones and everything is okay.”

Gantz pledged that the Blue and White list would not disintegrate after the election: "I have no intention of dismantling the alternative we established in a short time - Blue and White's here to stay in the current lineup."