Democratic Union leaders
Democratic Union leaders Flash90

The Yamina party on Tuesday morning slammed the leftist Democratic Union's attacks on them, saying that "it seems the Democratic Union has found itself an enemy in these elections - Judaism."

"After they tried to erode the Law of Return and the Nationality Law, they moved on to attack Israel's Jewish and nationalist values," a Yamina spokesperson said. "These semi-anti-Semitic attacks would not have embarrassed Der Stürmer, and they are aimed at a sector of the public which serves in the IDF, contributes, and is socially active."

"Yamina is the future of the State of Israel, because only when secular and religious Israelis live together with each other can we continue to ensure our place in the State of Israel.

"We will leave the benches of the opposition to [Democratic Union leader] Stav [Shaffir] and her friends from the party."

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