'The Pit' in IDF Northern Command
'The Pit' in IDF Northern Command IDF Spokesman

A senior security official spoke to military reporters on Monday, expressing satisfaction with Israel's recent assaults in the countries around us, with a view to curbing real security threats.

According to the source, "Yesterday, shortly after the attack in the north and our military response, we received inquiries from three countries seeking to convey from Hariri and Nasrallah the message: 'For Hezbollah, the incident is over."

A day after the fire exchange on the Lebanese border, the official said: "Everything we have done in the last few weeks and days has been according to accurate planning and everything we wanted to do."

According to the senior official, the most important objectives of the State of Israel are preventing Iranian nuclear capability, blocking precision missiles, and preventing Iranian establishment on the ground.

"To prevent this consolidation, we take a lot of action that nobody knows about. This activity is shared by the political, military, and institutional levels."

The senior official emphasizes that "Everything is part of an all-encompassing strategy as we direct the theater in several ways. We acted with extreme precision in several arenas, including possible enemy reactions. If we hadn't acted correctly we'd be in a different reality today."

Yesterday, after Hezbollah operatives fired anti-aircraft missiles at Israel, and after the IDF fired 100 shells in response, Lebanese Prime Minister Sa'ad al-Hariri sought to stop the fire.

Al-Hariri's appeal was to three states; Egypt, France, and the United States. In Israel, they replied that quiet will be met with quiet as long as the other party kept it.

The security source refers to the possibility of assassinating Iran Quds Force Commander Qazem Suleimani, incorrectly saying that "death sentences aren't in the discourse of Judaism."

As for the situation in Gaza, the senior official said: "There's constant irritation by Islamic jihad that complicates things for Hamas. Nevertheless, we see Hamas as the sovereign.

"We have an excellent relationship with the Russians and other countries and we are working with them to further our demands," said the senior security official.

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