Heiko Maas
Heiko Maas Reuters

Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz on Monday spoke via telephone with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, sending a threatening message to Lebanon in the wake of the recent events on the Israel-Lebanon border.

The two discussed the recent exchange of fire between the IDF and the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror group, and Katz explained to his counterpart that Israel has no desire to escalation the situation, but is prepared to continue responding forcefully to any attacks on her sovereignty and sees Lebanon as the sole party responsible for any attacks.

"If they do not stop the actions of Hezbollah against Israel, all of Lebanon will suffer, some of them severely," he told Maas to tell the Lebanese officials.

Katz thanked Maas for Germany's involvement in the matter and for passing messages along, and asked that the Germans continue to make Israel's stance very clear to the Lebanese government and warn them that the Lebanese government will pay a heavy price if it does not reign in Hezbollah and there continue to be attacks on Israel.

Katz also requested that Germany sanction Hezbollah and recognize it as a terror group.

Maas expressed concern about the recent events, and said he hopes there will not be further escalation. He also said that Germany sees Hezbollah in Lebanon similar to how Israel sees it, and that his country will weigh denouncing it as a terror organization.

The two also agreed to meet soon, and to continue their discussions regarding security issues.

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