Stav Shafir
Stav Shafir Hillel Meir/TPS

Former MK Stav Shafir of the "Democratic Union" toured with members of her party in kibbutzim adjacent to the Gaza Strip and attacked Prime Minister Netanyahu's policies.

Shafir said Netanyahu is punishing the PA for helping to thwart terrorist attacks.

"Ten years the residents of the Gaza area have been hostages to a promiscuous and corrupt policy of the Netanyahu government," Shafir said.

She added, "Today everyone already knows, Netanyahu is not strong against Hamas, Netanyahu strengthened Hamas, and that was a strategy. It's not Netanyahu's lack of strategy, it's the stated strategy of Netanyahu.

"He decided, and also acknowledged, that he strengthened Hamas to prevent a political settlement with the Palestinians. So the very PA that is helping to thwart terror attacks is being punished while Hamas, which is killing Israelis, and have been burning our fields and put area residents under fire for years, they get transferred suitcases of money," Shafir said.