Jet ski off the beach of Kish Island, 1,250 kilometers south of Teheran
Jet ski off the beach of Kish Island, 1,250 kilometers south of TeheranReuters

The various naval commandos are increasing their use of jet-skis, reports Mako News. The United States Army Sea Lions elite unit operates three types of jet-skis, but they are not alone.

This sea vehicle has also become endeared to the naval force in Iran's Revolutionary Guards. It is estimated that Iran operates dozens of jet-skis as part of a large fleet of hundreds of agile and light vessels operating as rapid-attack bands.

Jet-skis were seen alongside boats in a host of terror acts attributed to Iranians in the Persian Gulf. Recent publications in the United States refer to the possibility of a maritime conflict in the Gulf between jet-ski-mounted commando units of both sides.

The Special Forces discovered the small craft when the World War on Terror broke out after the 9/11 attacks. While the Special Forces of the land army purchased large quantities of ATVs to ride on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, the US Navy purchased a large number of jet-skis for its special units.

They operate the craft on a wide range of missions with two or three fighters, some armed with light machine guns and others with unidentified systems.

The Sea Lions unit operates three types of jet-skis, most notably the Yamaha FX HO 1800 model. This is a jet-ski with fast and precise maneuverability thanks to a system called TRIM Q.S.T.S that is considered easy to operate. As far as is known, this craft has undergone several adjustments made to unit requirements.

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