BBC Arabic (U.K.) aired a report Tuesday about a Holocaust memorial that was built in Marrakesh, Morocco by a German NGO called pixelHelper, reports the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

The report said that pixelHelper was attempting to build the largest Holocaust memorial in the world in order to enhance friendly relations between Islamic countries and Jews, but that local authorities demolished the memorial after one year of construction because pixelHelper did not have the proper building permits.

In a video uploaded on the same day by Hespress Internet TV (Morocco), Ahmed Wihmane, the President of the Moroccan Observatory against Normalization with Israel, said that he salutes the Moroccan authorities for destroying the shameful "so-called Holocaust memorial." However, he criticized the government for, in its idleness, having allowed the building to be erected in the first place, particularly since, according to Wihmane, the owner of the project is a "homosexual Freemason with Zionist ideologies".

Wihmane compared the Moroccan government's inaction to previous inaction he claimed took place regarding firearms training camps in Morocco that had been under the supervision of "generals and rabbis from the Israeli War Forces" and that had the purpose of establishing a "second Israel" in Morocco.

Wihmane demanded that the government's delayed action in demolishing the memorial be investigated.