Shlomo Bar
Shlomo BarAshrei ben Yaakov

Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz announced the winners of the Education Minister's Prize for Creators in Jewish Culture in the field of Life Works named for Uri Orbach for 2019: Rabbi Dr. Joel Ben Nun and Shlomo Bar.

Minister Peretz congratulated the winners for their long-standing contribution to Jewish culture: "I am thrilled to acknowledge you for your blessed and groundbreaking efforts to enrich Jewish culture, each in his own way.

"Rabbi Ben Nun composed in his unique way many works on the Bible and Jewish history and assimilated the love of the People and the Land for the many. Shlomo Bar, a veteran musician who blazed a trail to a special way in Israeli music that connects Jewish sources to the Land and its roots. Shlomo and Rabbi Joel, the connections you made and the love you've spread for Jewish sources, the landscapes of the country, the nation's land and its roots, illuminate the path for us all as the stars of heaven illuminate the sky. Keep going in your own unique way. Be strong," Peretz added.