Moshe Feiglin
Moshe Feiglin Flash 90

Zehut party leader Moshe Feiglin posted a message to his supporters following reports of progressive negotiations with the Likud and the possibility of the party's withdrawal from the elections.

"I stated at the activists' conference in Tel Aviv that if we can solve the issue that is causing the deaths of patients who need this drug in Israel, we will be ready to enter into negotiations with the prime minister. That night I received an invitation and we sat there for hours into the early morning," Feiglin said.

He added, "I am pleased to announce that there has been very significant progress on this issue and other important issues from the Zehut platform. There is still no agreement though. In any case, we will bring an orderly functioning referendum, which no other party would have imagined."

"Zehut will continue to influence and this time it may be from the government and not just from the Knesset," Feiglin said.

The Likud party has sought to convince the Zehut party to withdraw from the elections to ensure that right-wing votes will not be lost if Zehut fails to clear the electoral threshold.

Felign met earlier Wednesday with Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss the Likud's offers for Zehut if the party drops out of the race.

The two leaders agreed on a plan to expand the availability of legal marijuana for medicinal purposes, which the Likud is expected to promote as part of an agreement with Feiglin for Zehut to drop out of the race.

In addition, the Likud has offered to cover Zehut’s roughly 3-million-shekel-debt and appoint Feiglin as a minister in the next government in exchange for Zehut’s bowing out of the election.

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