Illegal EU settlement
Illegal EU settlementRegavim

A lecture by Regavim scheduled for this coming week in London focusing on European funding for illegal Palestinian Authority activity, has been postponed due to a security risk arising out of a threatened demonstration by British anti-Israel and BDS organizations.

At the last minute, a lecture scheduled for 1 September in London, dedicated to introducing Regavim and its current activities, has been postponed. As the date of the event approaches, security concerns have been mounting: An ad hoc consortium of BDS activists and other anti-Israel groups has planned a mass demonstration leading the event to be postponed to a later date.

The event was to include a presentation of Regavim’s agenda and methods, as well as a survey of the legal aspects of land-use policy and law enforcement throughout the Land of Israel. At the same time, Regavim’s spokesperson was expected to outline the organization’s current campaign to halt European support for illegal Palestinian Authority construction and agricultural projects.

Regavim map of Israel
Regavim map of

Registrants for the event included jurists and laypeople, members of Zionist organizations and students.

Under the banner “Show Regavim and their supporters that they’re not welcome in Britain,” the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the Demolitions, the Ramallah-based International Solidarity Movement, and others, threatened a day-long mass protest against the Regavim event.

After conducting a threat analysis and evaluation of the security arrangements for the event, the hosts concluded that there was a possibility of violence, and decided to postpone the event until appropriate measures could ensure participants’ safety.

Regavim General Director Meir Deutsch said: “For over a decade, Regavim representatives have accepted invitations to lecture and debate, in Israel and throughout the world. We are happy to participate in any serious forum, and to conduct dialogue with anyone and everyone who is willing to hear what we have to say. The threats surrounding our upcoming lecture represent a whole new level of cooperation between extreme leftist organizations operating in Israel and abroad with Palestinian organizations that act to silence dissenting opinions and competing narratives. Regavim is gratified by the outrage expressed by donors and supporters who were notified of the event’s postponement, and we have begun to schedule meetings with individuals and groups who are interested in learning the facts.”