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An apparent drone aircraft attack in the Beirut area over the weekend attributed to Israel targeted a missile factory, The Times of London reported Tuesday.

According to the report, the facility in question was operated by the Hezbollah terrorist organization and was used for the manufacturing of precision guided missiles.

Israel attacked the site, the Times reported, in a bid to destroy machinery there used to mix high-grade propellant for the missiles.

Citing “Western intelligence sources,” the report said the targeted facility was used to store high-end “industrial planetary mixer”, a component in high-grade precision missiles’ propellant.

Hezbollah accused Israel of sending two drones over Beirut airspace during the attack, claiming one exploded, while the other was downed, allegedly by stone-throwing locals.

The Shia terror group also claimed that a facility it used, which it claimed served as a media center, was damaged in the attack.

Israel has not claimed responsibility for the attack.

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