Arrest (illustrative)
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The Central District Proescutor's Office on Monday morning filed an indictment against a 39-year-old resident of Netanya who attempted to murder her 4-year-old son, Israel Hayom reported.

According to the indictment, the suspect, who is from a country in eastern Europe and was born in 1980, lives with her partner, A.A. on the tenth floor of an apartment building in the northern city of Netanya. The couple have two children, ages 4 and 12, and A.A.'s son from, who was born in 1998, also lives with them.

On August 18, the couple were at home with their youngest child, and the two older children were sleeping over somewhere else. At 9:30p.m., the woman entered the room where her husband was sitting and told him that she intended to leave the house and bring the 4-year-old with her on a trip. Her husband expressed opposition to the move, since she was under the influence of alcohol. She, in turn, expressed her anger at him and said he does not pay attention to her, warning that she would pack her bags and move back to her home country. Her husband told her that she can do as she pleases.

At some point in the argument, the husband decided that he would be better off sleeping with the children in a hotel, separate from his wife. He left the house to bring his older children home to pack their bags. At 10:30, the couple started fighting again, and the woman took a knife with a 12-centimeter (4.7") blade and threatened that if her husband did not do as she wanted, she would cut herself, bang her head against the wall, and blame him for harming her.

At this point, the husband asked his older son to videotape the incident, due to concerns that she would act on her threats and claim he had acted abusively towards her. The son did as his father asked, and then began making his way to the car, with his father joining him immediately afterwards. Just then, the 12-year-old called his father and asked him to hurry home, since his mother was standing by the window with a knife, threatening to hurt herself and blame him for hurting her. The worried father rushed home and found his wife standing by the window in the children's room, repeating her threats to harm herself and blame him. At this point, the father asked the 12-year-old to pack his things, and the boy did as he was told.

The husband then told his wife that he would call the police and that the police would remove her from Israel. In response, the wife hurried to the next room, where the youngest child was sleeping, and with the knife still in her hand, she grabbed the child and took him with her to the children's room, while saying goodbyes to her husband in Russian and saying, "Say goodbye to your son" and saying "goodbye forever."

As she came back into the children's room with the child and the knife in her hands, repeating her threats to jump from the window with the child, she lifted the child up, leaned him on her right arm, and put the blade around his neck. With her other hand, she held the child's feet, and placed him on the window sill so that everything from his knees up was outside the window.

The father pleaded with his wife not to do it, as did the 12-year-old who was standing outside the room at the time. At that moment, the 4-year-old, still mostly out the window, began screaming, with the knife at his neck, and his mother began relaxing her hold on him and threatening to throw him down if someone came near. She also threatened to stab her husband if he came near her.

In response, the mother began pulling the child back inside. As soon as his body was in, the father grabbed his son, an act which caused him to take a cut to his right arm. After he had rescued his son from his wife, he escaped the house with his children and called the police.

These facts were clarified, and an indictment has been filed against the mother.