The grandmother of Rina Shnerb, the 17-year-old Israeli girl murdered in a terrorist bombing attack in Samaria last Friday, described her slain granddaughter as a “very happy” and “easy-going person”, telling Arutz Sheva Rina’s murder had brought “many people together”.

“By having so many people around us and all these people talking about the family and Rina herself. They all know her as a very happy child, a very happy person, a very easy-going person,” said Bruriah Weissbart, Rina’s grandmother. “We don’t have time to go into [our] feelings.”

Weissbart went on to say that her granddaughter’s death in last Friday’s bombing attack had brought “so many people together, and everybody feels the same, and they are all very emotional. But they all talk about good things about growing up from here and doing – what are we supposed to do.”

Last Friday, an Arab terror cell attacked a group of Israelis hiking near the Ein Bubin spring, near the Israeli town of Dolev in western Samaria.

The terrorists hurled a bomb at the group of hikers, injuring three - Rabbi Eitan Shnerb, his son Dvir, and his daughter, Rina. The three were later evacuated to the hospital for treatment, but Rina later succumbed to her injuries.