Missiles in Tehran
Missiles in TehranReuters

Iran has produced highly accurate missiles which it has not publicized, the country’s Deputy Defense Minister General Qassem Taqizadeh said on Friday, according to Reuters which cited Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency.

Taqizadeh did not provide details about the weapons.

“Today we have very accurate missiles which we have not publicized,” he claimed.

“The Americans know well that we don’t have to go to New York and confront them,” Taqizadeh continued. “Today there are tens of thousands of Americans in the region and because of this the Supreme Leader said that they will not get into a war with us.”

His comments come a day after Iran unveiled what it described as a domestically built long-range, surface-to-air missile air defense system.

The Bavar 373, which Iran first claimed to have developed in 2016, is allegedly a home-made version of the Russian S-300 anti-missile system which Iran purchased bought from Russia, but the sale was repeatedly delayed due to Western pressure as UN nuclear sanctions ban the delivery to Iran.

The Islamic Republic regularly boasts of its military achievements but does not always provide proof of its accomplishments.

In 2017, Iran’s Defense Minister claimed the country had developed a tank named "Karrar", which is supposedly equipped with an electro-optical fire control system and laser range-finder and is capable of firing at both stable and mobile targets day or night.

In 2013, Iran’s then-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad first unveiled the Qaher 313, claiming at the time it is able to evade radar systems.

Israeli experts, however, at the time cast doubt on the authenticity of the fighter jet.

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