Rina Shnerb
Rina ShnerbCourtesy of the family

Rabbi Eitan Shnerb, who was injured in Friday’s terror attack near the Ein Bubin spring next to Dolev in the Binyamin region, recalled the attack from his hospital bed on Friday afternoon, before the start of Shabbat.

Rabbi Shnerb’s daughter, 17-year-old Rina, was killed in the attack. His son, Dvir Haim, was injured as well.

"I remember everything. We called the hotline and were told it was possible to enter [the spring]. We parked in the parking lot upstairs. When we got close to the spring, a large explosive device went off and everything turned black. I heard Dvir shouting, and I shouted 'Rina, Rina'. I looked down, but after seeing Rina, I understood.”

“I have shrapnel stuck in my stomach but I feel good. Rina saved us all. She died the death of heroes. Her face was intact. I gave her a kiss and said to her: 'We will be strong.'”

"My son Dvir is learning to become a paramedic. When he began to lose consciousness he said to me, 'Dad, take off your shoes and pants, it will help the paramedics.' That's what he thought about. It is also time to say thank you to everyone who cared for us. We will move on, we have no choice, we have no other place. That's what we educated our children and ourselves."

Watch Rabbi Shnerb’s comments (in Hebrew):

איתן שנרב, אביה של רינה הי"דחדשות 13

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