Israeli superstar Ishay Ribo broke a new record this week with a rendition of the famous song by the legendary singer Amir Benayoun "With you I can do anything," which he performed together with the legendary Benayoun himself and Amir Dadon at Sultan's Pool in Jerusalem last week.

The video has garnered over a million views since it was posted just last week and is the #1 trending song in Israel this week.

Benayoun released the song in 2004 and it immediately became a huge hit, winning a prize in 2005. The song, which Benayoun wrote and composed, speaks about his love and connection to music.

"The truth is that it fills me with great pride," Ribo said in response to the video's instant popularity. "It's a privilege to expose [Benayoun's] timeless song to a young audience. [Benayoun] is a legendary singer and composer whom I and my songs owe a lot to."