The number of abortions among IDF soldiers rose during the past year, contrasting with the previous years' downward trend.

According to the report on Galei Tzahal, the Medical Corps was surprised by the rise, since it invests much effort into distributing free birth control pills, as well as emergency contraception pills.

Last year, the IDF performed 1000 abortions, to the tune of 5 million shekels ($1,417,900).

In October 2018, the IDF began distributing emergency contraception pills for free, in order to reduce the number of soldiers undergoing abortions.

The Torat Halehima religious pro-IDF organization responded: "The IDF Chief of Staff's Adivsory Unit for Gender Issues' concept of mixed gender units is collapsing, and the ones paying the price are the IDF and the female soldiers."

"The difficult situations occurring recently in mixed troops, and the increase in the number of abortions in all IDF units, testify to the negative culture being created in the IDF as a result of the decision to create coed units.

"We will demand a realistic change to this negative decision, which was advanced by radical feminist organizations who do not prioritize the good of the IDF. When the IDF worries about victory instead of equality, 'abortions' will go back to referring to the abortion of enemy operations.'"