Joseph's Tomb
Joseph's Tomb IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The Ministry of Education will permit educational tours in dozens of new sites in Judea and Samaria, most notably Joseph's Tomb, Channel 13 News reported on Tuesday.

Other sites on the list include Mount Eival, Mount Gerizim, and Mount Shiloh.

The tours will be optional and the students will not be required to attend them, but the Ministry of Education will fund them, according to the report. Until now, students have been forbidden from entering these areas, but the Ministry of Education is now adopting the IDF's ordinance and allowing them to visit these places, accompanied by military assistance.

The far-left organization Peace Now announced that it intends to fight the decision.

"The Ministry of Education should not be the information arm of the Yesha Council and the messianic right. We will not let Rafi Peretz brainwash our kids! Declare that you will not send your children to lend a hand to the occupation," it said.

Shai Alon, head of the Beit El Council, said, "The new program of the education system will expose the students to our extensive Jewish history. Day after day, we find in this land our history, our roots and discover the places where our ancestors grew up."