Dvir Sorek
Dvir Sorek Courtesy of the family

Palestinian Authority sources report that security forces arrested two Muslims last night, one the brother of the soldier Dvir Sorek's murderer and the other cousin of an additional suspect in the murder, reported Kann News.

The detainees, Ahmed and Mohammed Azzafra, were arrested in Kfar Beit Kahil. Ahmed is Qasem's brother and Muhammad is Nasir's cousin, all members of the Azzafra family.

The identity of Dvir's killers was known to the security forces shortly after the murder. They were mainly detected through analysis of security cameras on the ground.

During their detention, a riot broke out in the village and about 100 rioters threw rocks at security forces. The fighters were not harmed and responded with riot control measures.

After the arrest of Sorek's killers, Prime Minister and Defense Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said: "I commend the Shin Bet and the security forces who captured the murderers of the late Dvir Sorek within 48 hours. In recent years, our forces have put their hand on all the Palestinian killers who harm Israelis and today they have done so. Again, we will continue to fight terrorism strongly on all fronts."

An IDF spokesman added: "IDF fighters confiscated the vehicle of suspects that was allegedly used by the suspects to carry out the attack. The unit and vehicle were transferred for interrogation by security forces. During the operation, a violent breach ensued, involving about 100 Palestinians throwing rocks at IDF fighters and security forces in the village of Beit Kahil in the Judea Regional Area. The fighters responded with riot control measures."

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