Boris Wolfman
Boris Wolfmanצילום: יח"צ

Researchers and analysts have highlighted the fact that the world will witness a serious energy deficit in the future. This will seriously impact the ability of the industry to meet the demands of the world. Virtually every single activity is driven by energy. The increasing number of vehicles on the road, the growing energy demands of appliances and changes in lifestyle have made energy one of the most critical yet dwindling resources. The search for alternate, sustainable and renewable sources of energy has been going on for quite some time. Players in the industry like Boris Wolfman and Royal Innovative have contributed to this activity by supplying materials used in the manufacture of biofuels. In Europe the impact of biofuel usage is considerable. Accounting for around 12% of the total fuel consumption, biofuels help to meet the growing energy requirements safely.

Boris Wolfman, the successful entrepreneur behind Royal Innovative has managed to make this trading activity lucrative for all concerned. Rapeseed oil is one of the raw materials used in the manufacture of biofuels. The company sources, trades and supplies rapeseed oil to biofuel manufacturers. Though this may appear to be a very normal business activity like any other business that is involved in the trading of any commodity, it is important to understand that this trading activity has helped change the lives of a large number of people. The sheer volume of the transactions and the frequency with which the commodity is moved has made it a source of livelihood for many individuals involved in various business activities.

The processes used by Royal Innovative and the experience of the team have combined to create seamless business activities. Shipments and all logistic activities are smooth and unhindered primarily due to the fact that the whole process is streamlined and designed to work efficiently. This not only ensures that consignments move out and reach destinations on time; it also helps to prevent cost overruns. Cost variables typically occur when processes are delayed, or unforeseen incidents create additional expenses. One of the biggest problems faced by businesses involved in trading of commodities are demurrage costs. This is because of a lack of communication or proper management in the shipment life cycle.

Businessman Boris Wolfman has extensive experience in moving bulk requirements across various modes of transport. This continues to help the company in meeting buyer deadlines and requirements. This also helps to keep the costs as low as possible, ensuring that this advantage of lower cost is passed on to all the stakeholders throughout the shipment life cycle. The company is known for operating with the right kind of margins that support everyone involved. With warehouses in various continents and tie-ups with other third-party logistics providers, Royal Innovative has ensured that the quality of products is not compromised due to lack of storage options. Products are maintained in the desired conditions throughout the various stages of shipment movements from the supplier to the buyer.