JCT VP Stuart Hershkowitz, JCT Pres. Chaim Sukenik, MK Izhar Shay
JCT VP Stuart Hershkowitz, JCT Pres. Chaim Sukenik, MK Izhar ShayCourtesy of the Jerusalem College of Technology

MK Izhar Shay (Blue and White) toured the Jerusalem College of Technology's (JCT) Lev Academic Center and saw up close how the institute grapples with one of Israel’s most pressing demographic challenges: integrating the haredim into the workforce without negatively impacting their religious lifestyle.

Shay met with the center’s management and haredi students, who spoke to him about how they maintain a halakhic (pertaining to Jewish law) atmosphere while pursuing rigorous academic studies.

Shay was impressed with the scope and quality of the studies and their impressive career placements upon graduation. Currently, some 93% of JCT students obtain a job after their studies.

“Approximately 4,500 students learn here and some 2,000 of those are male and female haredi students. Integrating these students can become perhaps the most important development for the Israeli economy and society in general,” Shay said.

“People come from different societal strands, learn together, some of them also live together, all for the ultimate purpose to advance their education and earn money. Together, these contributions enrich the fabric of Israeli life, economy and the resilience of the State of Israel.”

President of JCT Prof. Chaim Sukenik added that: “The academic framework at the Jerusalem College of Technology is geared to both the needs of the market and of haredi students. Accordingly, we record very high placement percentages among our graduates who have taken up significant positions in the industry. This allows them to earn a living and, in turn, the Israeli economy also earns quality manpower.”