MK Yitzhak Pindrus
MK Yitzhak PindrusHezki Baruch

MK Yitzhak Pindrus (United Torah Judaism) said on Monday that there is no reality in which UTJ will sit in a coalition under Benny Gantz as Prime Minister, and made clear that the party will go to the opposition if Gantz succeeds in forming a coalition.

"It was a tradition that was established by Rabbi Shach, then Rabbi Elyashiv, and then continued with Rabbi Shteinman. There was a question about whether to go with Tzipi Livni, and they never agreed to go with a left-wing government. Because of the voters, not because of the representatives, not because of Netanyahu," said Pindrus, who spoke as part of a panel at a haredi yeshiva.

According to a report on the Behadrei Haredim website, Pindrus explained his objection to being a part of a Gantz-led government, saying, "We are not the state of Tel Aviv - Gantz could currently be part of the Likud, [Gabi] Ashkenazi could have been a Likud representative, it is not personal but rather about who they represent, and they represent the state of Tel Aviv, the state of Herzliya. And we have no partnership with them."

Pindrus was asked what UTJ would do if Benny Gantz were to succeed in forming a government, and replied, “He (Benny Gantz) ultimately represents the voters. If he wants, let him join our coalition. If Gantz establishes a government, United Torah Judaism will go to the opposition."

Pindrus was asked about a video of MK Ya'akov Asher, a member of his party, in which Asher said that there is no commitment to any of the candidates, and added that the rabbis could decide tomorrow to sit with Benny Gantz.

Pindrus replied that "Asher said he did not rule out Gantz, but he also made it clear that we are going with Netanyahu."