Shaked Flash 90

Knesset Members and Leftist operatives are strongly attacking Yamina Chairwoman Ayelet Shaked following a report on the Haaretz website, according to which Shaked's emissaries proposed to the Prime Minister to influence the Attorney General on his behalf, as part of her attempts to get a place saved in the Likud.

Meretz/"Democratic Union" candidate Stav Shafir let loose with one of her signature agitations against Shaked: "A former Justice Minister who pimps the Attorney General for a chair. What we see here is political bribery, one of the lowest ever. The Deal of the Century is Bibi's immunity deal."

Former Defense Minister Ehud Barak also incited: "The corruption is exposed in all its nakedness. Even the Engleman affair and permit committee pale against the Ayelet Shaked/Netanyahu deal. If it indeed happened, it will be the end of both of them.

"The subordinate Mendelblit, the stressed Netanyahu, and Shaked, who may have failed here - are all evidence of the abyss of corruption that lies ahead. We must change direction now," Barak goaded.

Knesset Member Merav Michaeli (Labor) reacted: "These are the values ​​of the one who was Justice Minister, who wants to control the Justice Ministry and legal system: Absolute loyalty to Netanyahu, not the State of Israel. Power at all costs. Let's make sure that doesn't happen."