Scene of attack
Scene of attackIDF Spokesman

The IDF operational investigation into the incident two-and-a-half weeks ago at the Gaza border where a Muslim infiltrated Israeli territory and wounded an IDF officer moderately and two soldiers lightly has been completed.

The investigation revealed satisfactory action alongside failures in the conduct of one force. The platoon commander and the patrol fighters with him as well as the deputy commander who arrived at the incident strove to engage the attacker. Another sergeant-commanded force that arrived at the incident avoided entering the combat zone.

Following the investigation, Golani Brigade Commander Brigadier General Shai Klapper decided to dismiss two fighters from combat and terminate the sergeant's command as they did not act as expected in a live incident.

Southern brigade commander Brigadier General Liron Batito decided to dismiss the patrol driver from his task.

"Every IDF operational incident is investigated in depth to produce lessons to be learned, and so it was in this incident," the IDF Spokesman said.

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