Netanyahu and his wife board the plane
Netanyahu and his wife board the plane Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu who traveled to Ukraine with her husband on Sunday evening, was furious during the flight because she thought the captain of the plane did not greet her on the public address system, Channel 12 News reported.

According to the report, Netanyahu got up from her seat and furiously demanded to go into the cockpit but the security guards prevented her from doing so. After a discussion, the captain greeted her again on the public address system.

El Al said in response to the report, "The Prime Minister's flight was carried out in an orderly fashion. We were delighted to host Prime Minister and Mrs. Netanyahu on their flight to Ukraine."

The Prime Minister's Office said, "A distorted and tendentious publication. There was a misunderstanding that was immediately clarified and the flight proceeded as scheduled. The story about security guards is also a complete lie. Another attempt to divert attention from an important international visit by the Prime Minister."

Before leaving Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the recent security incidents on the Gaza border and the rocket fire at Israel.

"I heard people saying that I'm avoiding a widescale operation in Gaza because of the elections," Netanyahu said. "That's not true. Anyone who knows me knows that my considerations are practical and relevant."

"If the situation demands it, we will begin a widescale operation regardless of the elections. We are taking every action necessary and the other side feels the strength of our arms," he added.