Firefighters extinguish arson fire
Firefighters extinguish arson fireKobi Richter/ TPS

Hezbollah terrorists on Friday ignited a fire near the Israeli border. The strong winds fanned the flames, thick smoke covered the Naftali Mountains, and the fire crossed the border into Israel, threatening an IDF base and the Galilee town of Margaliot.

According to News 12, the fire is estimated to have been intentionally set by Hezbollah, and such fires may become regular events.

The fire set by terrorists on Friday caused several underground mines to explode. United Nations vehicles passing the area did not attempt to stop them or to extinguish the fire, which spread quickly into Israeli territory. Local roads were blocked as firefighting crews prepared to evacuate the town.

After several hours of extensive firefighting efforts, with no option to use planes due to the fire's close proximity to the border, the flames were extinguished.

Mevo'ot Hahermon Regional Council Director-General Yoram Machluf said: "Everyone knows that the Lebanese side does these provocations, and certainly this fire was their doing and not coincidental. It's not just because of a simple shepherd. They learn us. They want to learn and we're ready and prepared. We know exactly what they want."

Last week, Muslim Arab arsonists set fire to a Jewish town in Samaria, and last month, Muslim Arab arsonists ignited a brush fire in Hevron that destroyed several buildings in an IDF base, including a synagogue.

Israel has been dealing with arson fires caused by incendiary and explosive balloons sent from Gaza into Israel since May 2018. The fires have destroyed tens of thousands of dunams of nature reserves, forests, and agricultural land, and caused billions of shekels in damage.

In November 2016, Arab arsonists caused a wave of firesacross Israel.