Dov Hikind
Dov Hikind Eliran Aharon

Former New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind called on Democratic leaders to condemn Congresswomen Ilhan Oman and Rashida Tlaib for sharing a cartoon drawn by a Holocaust denier.

"Omar and Tlaib have now committed the latest outrage, distributing cartoons from Carlos Latuff, an individual who participated in the Iranian competition on Holocaust denial, an individual responsible for mocking the memory of the Holocaust, mocking the memory of the six million, mocking the memory of my grandparents; uncles and aunts and children that were sent straight to the gas chamber, who were murdered by the Nazis," Hikind said in a video posted to Twitter.

"This cartoonist mocks the memory of the Holocaust, and two members of Congress, who have already indulged in vile anti-Semitism using language reminiscent of Goebbels in Nazi Germany are now using this cartoonist to spread their hate."

Hikind, a Democrat, excoriated his party's leadership for failing to condemn Tlaib and Omar. "Nancy Pelosi, how much more does America have to tolerate of this anti-Semitism, this latest canard by these two freaking anti-Semites? What are you going to do about this, these individuals distributing cartoons from a Holocaust denier [who] came in second in the Iranian competition the Holocaust."

"We are watching you, Nancy Pelosi. We are watching you, Chuck Schumer, We are waiting for you to act, to speak out ... in defense of the memory of the six million, in the memory of two million children who were murdered by the Nazis."