Netanyahu and Gantz
Netanyahu and Gantz Flash 90

The weekly poll of Radio 103FM, conducted by the Smith Institute, finds that 43% among Avigdor Liberman's voters prefer a government led by Benny Gantz after the election, compared to 41% who prefer to leave the keys in Binyamin Netanyahu's hands.

However, the polling institute stresses that this gap is not statistically significant because only 50 respondents in the poll stated that they would vote for Liberman.

The Likud party wins 32 seats, Blue and White has 30, and the Arab Joint List has 11 seats in this poll.

Liberman’s Yisrael Beytenu wins 10 seats in the poll, Yamina headed by Ayelet Shaked has 9 seats, Shas has 8, and the Democratic Union and United Torah Judaism each win 7 Knesset seats. The Labor-Gesher party has 6 seats.

Moshe Feiglin’s Zehut party fails to pass the electoral threshold but receives 2.3% of the vote, an increase over previous polls. Otzma Yehudit continues to receive the support of 1.7% of respondents and it, too, fails to pass the threshold.