Brown bear
Brown bearDoron Horowitz/Flash 90

A man was brutally mauled to death by a bear in eastern Russia, near the village of Suluk about 5,300 miles east of Moscow.

66-year-old Alexander Korneyev had reportedly been out picking wild mushrooms when he was attacked by a brown bear.

The retired railway construction worker tried to fight the bear with a penknife, but was unable to fend off the powerful animal and was lacerated.

Locals found his mutilated remains on a dirt track near Suluk. The bear was later hunted down by locals and killed.

The incident was said to have been the first time a bear has been known to attack a human in that area.

Head of the village council Sergey Ryabov described the scene. "There was blood everywhere. His penknife was broken in half, and there were signs of a fight.”

"His body was lying face down, there was no single untouched spot."

Before the attack, Korneyev was said to have called his wife, telling her, “"I'm going to pick mushrooms. If I don't call you again by 10am, it means I've been eaten by a bear."

"It was a joke, but he evoked evil with his words," Ryabov said.