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The family of a 5-year-old girl found tied in her home's bathroom is "normal" and the father was "surprised" that his daughter was tied up, the father's attorney said.

In an interview with 103 FM Radio, Hai Uzan, the father's attorney said the parents "deny the charges, the abuse, and everything that is believed to have occurred in their apartment."

"Their version is that they left the apartment with their youngest three children, allowing the girl to sleep and relying on the neighbors to keep an eye out for her. At some point they received a phone call from a neighbor who had arrived at the building, He called the father to say that he heard screams from the apartment. The father immediately left everything and ran home, where he met police officers."

When asked why the girl was not documented in the Immigration and Population Authority's records, Uzan told 103 FM: "The family's situation is not clear to me. It's a normal family, the father is remarried, they have four young children and are not known to the police. There have been no complaints. Their socioeconomic situation is fine, the father is normal, he works a proper job. He was surprised to find the girl like that in the apartment, he said he left a few hours earlier and returned surprised. Other than that I don't know."

Israeli media has reported that the girl suffered both wounds and neglect. However, Uzan said he heard that only from the media, adding that "There has not yet been a court discussion on the issue. Today they will be brought for an extension of their arrest and the advocates will try to get details of the incident. The parents themselves are surprised. They're not known to the Welfare Authority, there were no previous complaints. The police will examine the girl's version of the story via a child interrogator, and it will shed light on the case and those involved in the story."

Uzan also said that he does not believe the girl has special needs: "She studies in a regular school. If she had special needs they would be known to the Welfare Authority. They love her and take care of her. And maybe she's not known to the Welfare Authority because she's not registered in the Immigration and Population Authority's records. That obviously raises a lot of additional questions regarding the responsibility of the Health Ministry and Welfare Ministry to identify such a case."

Mako quoted the girl's parents as saying: "We did not tie up, we did not abuse, and certainly we did not neglect our daughter."

"The interrogators were told that the father left the girl sleeping and has no idea who might have tied her up. He firmly said that there has been no abuse or neglect."

Meanwhile, the Lod municipality has clarified that the girl is from the Palestinian Authority.

"The family in question is from the Arab sector of society and is not known to the Welfare Authority. The mother is a resident of the Palestinian Authority and the girl is not in the Immigration and Population Authority's records," the municipality said.

"We are waiting for the completion of the interrogations and we will do anything required of us to ensure the safety and welfare of the children."