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The control posts in the Mitzpe Ramon Yeshiva stand ready, manned by many volunteers from Yeshiva students and graduates, to residents and supporters, who have all come to take part in the great effort.

"We are prepared to receive the expected donations, the ones we know and those that are on the way", Says the director of development Arnon Stein, "It is exciting to see the great support of all the close and distant yeshiva-related circles that share the sense of uplifting and moving toward our goal".

And what is the goal? Shmuel Koke, CEO of Yeshiva shares: "A few years ago, the new yeshiva building was inaugurated. The current campaign to which we set out will address some important unmet needs, including building a dining room for students, setting up an independent kitchen, adding classrooms and more. This will create another important source of revenue for the yeshiva.

Admittedly, the duration of the campaign is only 30 hours, but the preparations that preceded it span long weeks. In two preparation evenings, one for the residents of Mitzpe Ramon and the other for the graduates of the yeshiva, many volunteers were recruited.

Mitzpe Ramon is a huge center of Torah, in the heart of the desert. Besides the center of Torah study in the beit midrash, the yeshiva participates in many community projects in Mitzpe Ramon and the Negev. "We invite everyone who believes in Eretz Israel and the Negev settlement with love, to be a partner," the campaign manager concludes.

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