Shaked at Yemina event
Shaked at Yemina event Kobi Richter/TPS

The leaders of the United Right Party tonight launched their election campaign at an event where they revealed the name of the list was changed to "Yemina" - "Rightward".

At the event held at the Kfar Maccabiah Hotel, the election slogan was also launched: "Israel wants right." The ballot letters of the list remain טב - 'tet-bet'.

Party Chairwoman Ayelet Shaked said in her speech that "since that disaster [disengagement], and in view of its consequences that haunt us every day, the public has learned lessons, and realized that if we desire to live, we must choose the Right. The public is moving to the Right, but finds itself repeatedly dragged against its will to the Left. It doesn't have to be that way.

"Believe me: From my position in government I saw nothing different than what I saw at home (a barb aimed at those using the Hebrew adage that what 'one sees from here is not what one sees from there' - to excuse the gap between campaign promises and government actions, ed.). The whole difference is that at the government table I saw it much more clearly. Not only did we see it, we also proved it," Shaked added.

She noted that "over the past four years, we have proven that we are the only Right which is not afraid to turn its ideology into a working plan, and which doesn't betray its values but translates them into actions. The only Right which has proven that 'if you believe there is nothing to fear' (a popular song, ed.)."

Shaked spoke of the new name of the party. "Right isn't just a name - it's also the essence. Right is the direction we want to lead Israel. Right is the spirit of the generations blowing in our sails. Right is what the people of Israel want - and don't really get."

"The Right is what the founding fathers were, the Labor movement people who saw in the Bible inspiration and great value and settled all parts of the Land of Israel, including Judea and Samaria. The Right is a combination of the Jewish Home, the National Union, and the New Right. I won't deny it. We don't have a consensus on every issue. But on one issue we are unanimous: The challenges before us are greater than the differences between us, and so our strength lies in our unity and not our uniqueness," she added.

She says, "We realized that only together can we work towards a settlement in Judea and Samaria once and for all. We realized that only together can we open the Supreme Court to other voices and restore democracy to the people. We realized that only together would we uphold Israel's tradition and Israeli teachings, against Liberman and Lapid's cynical alliance. Only together can we build a free and flourishing economy liberated from the power of labor committees and the rule of monopolies. An economy that sees the entrepreneur and business owners as the pillars of the Israeli economy.

"We also realized that the world of values ​​and vision of the Right is in real danger, and two months ago everything was for sale to Gabay and his partners. Gabay went on his way, but the danger remains. The danger of an ideological liquidation sale is still here. There, on the golden sands of Gush Katif, I realized another thing: With all my love for Israeli high-tech, I'm going to the political field and will aim the highest I can, to lead the country. I intend to do everything so that there are no more failures that will turn into a lamentation for the ages.

"We've been given a second chance; there won't be a third chance. Without a strong, ideological Right, a Likud government will be established with the Left. For those who want the Right, there's no alternative but Yemina," Shaked concluded.

Minister Betzalel Smotrich addressed the words that Prime Minister Netanyahu directed at him yesterday.

"When we have to be polite we will be and when we need to be sharp we will be as well. We have a heart and we are attentive to the people. When you speak from the heart and from pain it sounds that way.

"Smotrich isn't Hanna Bavly (the Israeli Emily Post, ed.) The things that were written were written with great pain. The court's decision disrespected Judaism and everyone who believes in its values. Out of the pain, hard words were said that should not be said between a minister and the Prime Minister and for that I am sorry," said Minister Smotrich.

Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz added, "Tonight brings a clear statement: Yemina is the list of religious Zionism and Right-leaning voters. For those who are proud of their flag, 'Tet-Bet' is their ballot. For those who are connected to the Torah of Israel, Tet-Bet is their ballot. Whoever is connected to the People of Israel - tet-bet is their ballot. Anyone who wants to keep the Land of Israel Right, tet-bet is his list. On election day vote tet-bet - Yemina."

In recent weeks, the party's leaders have been debating a number of names for the list, including "Rightward" and "Right of Israel".

"Finally, the name 'Yemina' - 'Rightward' was chosen because it expresses the clear goal to which members of the list want to lead government and the Knesset. Rightward - in economics, in settlement, in law, in security. Right is what the public wants but doesn't get from elections. We're going to pull the ship's steering wheel in that direction,” the party said.

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credit: קובי ריכטר/TPS
credit: קובי ריכטר/TPS
credit: קובי ריכטר/TPS
credit: קובי ריכטר/TPS
credit: קובי ריכטר/TPS
credit: קובי ריכטר/TPS