Bennett Flash 90

Former Minister Naftali Bennett on Twitter today attacked the economic plan presented by the Labor-Gesher list this morning, claiming it would lead to economic collapse of the State of Israel.

"The greatest danger facing Israel is becoming a backward socialist state under Finance Minister Amir Peretz, Nissenkorn and the like," Bennett tweeted.

"I believe that Amir Peretz's intention is to do good. But good intentions sometimes lead to disasters. Peretz shouldn't be allowed to turn Israel into Venezuela."

In response, Peretz replied to Bennett, "Hi Naftali, you don't surprise. The Capitalist Brotherhood Alliance between you and Lapid never saw humans. You're afraid of change that will put the human back on the list of priorities. It's sad to me that people like you aren't ready to sacrifice and give a little so that all citizens will get much more. I invite you for a debate whenever and wherever you want."

Bennett tweeted, "Another by-product of the Amir Peretz program is the closure of high-tech in Israel. The end of the Startup Nation. Because the taxation of employees' ESOP options *will be doubled 2 times* (from capital tax to ordinary income tax): As former CEO of two high-tech companies I can attest: Within a year of taxation, no start-up company will remain here. But at least we will be 'right'."