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August is right around the corner; you're planning a vacation you waited for the entire year and have just one thing left to do – choose the best travel insurance plan for you. You can consult a fortune-teller or tarot cards, or just go to the look on the website and find all the offers from the very best insurance companies...

Insurance is something you don't need until you absolutely do, so make sure it includes the following components: medical coverage that suits any medical conditions you may have. If you take medicine regularly, do not hide it from the insurance company, as travel insurance excludes existing medical conditions and may reject claims which can cost you a lot to much money.

You will also need Baggage insurance to cover your valuables, a Search and rescue component which is mainly for third world countries. If you are planning on participating in extreme sports, you will also need an Extreme sports component. The insurance companies exclude extreme sports from the regular policy, so if you are considering such activities, buy the appropriate extension that will cover them.

Beyond that, try not to do anything crazy like riding a motorcycle without the motorcycle license, as the insurance company will not cover motorcycle or ATV accidents if you do not have an appropriate license. The insurance also does not cover damage caused to a third party due to a car accident.

Some of the companies only cover theft of a cell phone but not its loss even though you purchased the expansion, or if your luggage gets stolen from your car, you will get much less than you assume, as there is a limit to the liability for theft from a vehicle - so be smart, and before purchasing a policy, check what the insurance company does and does not cover .

If you need to sue the policy, take into account that insurance companies usually do not like to pay out claims! Remember to keep and document all receipts, airline tickets and hotel reservations and if something is stolen, go directly to the police to get confirmation of this. If you go to the doctor, take a picture of the receipts and the medical diagnosis and have it stored in your cellphone just in case. In any case, it is recommended you keep all the original receipts, as the insurance company may request them as well when you put in a claim.

Travel Insurance Quotes – Compare Every Major Provider:

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