Rafi Peretz
Rafi Peretz Flash 90

A budget deficit of half a billion shekels may prevent special education schools from beginning the school year on time.

The deficit is due to an increased number of autistic students not supported by the budget, as well as haredi special education students studying in independent but recognized schools who do not receive all of the hours they are eligible for, and a lack of medical aides for children with life-threatening allergies.

The results of the deficit are that there are less hours of teaching and treatment for special education students, less activity days during vacations, autistic children who have no school to go to, autistic children who receive four hours less, a lack of 350 classrooms, and a lack of hours for treatment, medical services, and assistants.

Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz (United Right) said: "We have a responsibility to all of Israel's children. For several months already we have been stuck in a temporary government and we therefore have not managed to regulate the budgetary resources necessary to begin the school year for special education."

"I trust that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister [Moshe] Kahlon understand that there is a crisis here that needs to be solved urgently, and that they will help resolve the issue."