Shuli Mualem-Rafaeli at the entrance to the Temple Mount.
Shuli Mualem-Rafaeli at the entrance to the Temple Mount. Credit: Hezki Baruch

Former MK Shuli Mualem-Rafaeli visited the Temple Mount on Sunday and remarked on the large amount of Jews who visited the Temple Mount during the Tisha B'Av fast.

"I'll start from the end - 1,729 Jews visited the Temple Mount today - on Tisha B'Av. This is a significant step in which it has been made clear that Jews will go up to the Temple Mount even on the [Muslim] Festival of the Sacrifice and in the face of planned riots," Mualem-Rafaeli wrote on Facebook.

''But having said this important thing, it's necessary to understand: The basic concept of Jews visiting the Temple Mount must change. As long as Jews are considered visitors to the Temple Mount and not the owners, we'll continue to see pictures of hundreds of Jews - men, women and children - who have come from all over the country, waiting for hours in front of the entrance to the Temple Mount that is closed to them."

"The public pressure worked today and the Temple Mount was opened to the Jews after waiting hours while fasting in the scorching sun. Hundreds of Jews who visited today were able to stay only for a few quick minutes so that everyone could get a chance."

"Hundreds of Jews who visited today and in the past were prevented from praying on the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount is the holiest place for the Jewish people and symbolizes our sovereignty over the land and as such it must be open to Jews to visit and pray every day."

"In the face of Islamic terrorism on the Temple Mount, as is the case throughout the country, it's forbidden to show weakness or cowardice. We must show determination and power that result from the inextricable link between Israel and the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount is the place from which peace will flow among us, with our neighbors and with the entire world."

"Thank you very much to the district commander Doron Yedid, the Israeli police and border guards for today and for all the days when we safely visit the Temple Mount," added Mualem Rafaeli.

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