Scene of the murder
Scene of the murderIDF spokesperson

Israeli security forces are continuing their search for the terrorist responsible for the murder of Dvir Sorek, the Ofra resident and hesder student at Ohr Torah Mahanayim yeshiva who was stabbed to death sometime Wednesday night.

Security officials say the terror cell responsible for the attack may be planning an additional attack, making it all the more important for the IDF to locate the cell before it can strike again.

The IDF is also concern about the possibility of copycat attacks by other terror cells or even individual terrorists elsewhere in Judea and Samaria who may be inspired by Sorek’s murder.

Two additional battalions have been deployed to Judea and Samaria, with extra soldiers positioned at sensitive areas and known hot-spots to prevent attacks.

Sorek, who was killed just days before his 19th birthday, was the son of journalist Yoav Sorek, editor of Hashiloach, and his wife Rachel, and was grandson of Rabbi Binyamin Herling, who was murdered in a terror attack on Mt. Ebal.

The yeshiva student was murdered Wednesday night, apparently during a botched kidnapping attempt, and his body found near Kibbutz Migdal Oz Thursday morning.

Thousands paid their last respects as Sorek was laid to rest Thursday night at the community cemetery in Ofra, north of Jerusalem.

Sorek is survived by parents - Yoav and Rachel, and six siblings: Shahar, 24, Noa, 23, Ruth, 21, Binyamin, 15, Eitan,13, and Uri, 9.

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