Smotrich Flash 90

Transportation Minister and Political-Security cabinet member Bezalel Smotrich said that a sharp and clear response is needed to the terrorist attack on Wednesday night in which Dvir Sorek was murdered.

"The Sorek family lives in Ofra," Smotrich told Arutz Sheva. "This was the first settlement in Binyamin - over 40 years old - and it hasn't yet been normalized. It's an embarrassment and disgrace. It is due to judiciary officials who create difficulties and essentially from a lack of government leadership. Netanyahu - in one minute - can normalize Ofra today. He needs to advance the settlements - because our enemies are seeking to weaken our grip on the land of Israel through terror. They must understand that this terror is futile."

"To our great sorrow, from time to time, we get a reminder of what happens when the pursuit of terrorism focuses on catching mosquitoes instead of drying out the swamp," Smotrich said regretfully. "There's something better to do than catching mosquitoes. We talk a lot about taking measures that would increase deterrence, such as house demolitions, deportation of terrorist families, the return of checkpoints and the denial of employment permits. These are​​ steps which are important for both deterrence and increasing security."

"We must remember that roadblocks in Judea and Samaria have been removed. A large amount of terrorist attacks we've experienced in recent years are carried out on the roads by vehicles that arrive at the scene, carry out the attack and flee. We have no particular interest in making life difficult for the Arabs, but as long as Jews cannot move safely, we have no choice and we have to close the intersections. These roadblocks allow for better control of the area, better intelligence, better searches and better deterrence. Our first obligation is to safeguard the lives, safety and security of Israeli residents."

"Terrorism doesn't stem from despair as the left has been claiming for years. Terrorism comes from the Arabs' hope to establish a terrorist state here - perhaps in the first stage alongside the state of Israel - but from a long-term perspective - on [Jerusalem's] ruins. When they realize that their hope will not be fulfilled, they will probably seek a different pastime. The way to get there is through a conscious decision: to apply sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, and to establish many more cities and communities. Another half million Jews should be brought to Judea and Samaria in a way that will make it clear to everyone that the situation is irreversible. There shouldn't be anyone in the world who thinks that there's a viable chance that a terrorist state can be established in the heart of Israel."

Smotrich added that the Cabinet should address the continued existence of the Palestinian Authority - which promotes terrorism. "I have an ongoing discussion with the prime minister about the entire existence of the Palestinian Authority, which is one of the biggest terror instigators. It incites, encourages and pays salaries to terrorists. The despicable terrorist who murdered Dvir knows very well that tomorrow morning he and his family will receive a salary for the rest of their lives from the Palestinian Authority for murdering a Jew."